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If you read reviews about Anthem Tax Services most likely you are having tax problems like I used to have and know the feelings I had when thinking about the IRS. Heavy weight on heart and soul, sleepless nights, that uncomfortable feeling in the guts, racing heart, etc. However, all this is in the past now. I've contacted Anthem Tax Services and worked with Minji Kim Attorney. What a wonderful, friendly, helpful person! The IRS claimed that my husband and I owed them ca. $25,000.00. I fought with them for many, many years without any success. I wrote them letters, they sent me computer generated replies. After I've contacted Anthem Tax Services and worked with Kim the IRS could not touch us until Anthem Tax Services sorted everything out with us and with the IRS. Kim is an angel! She was on our case like a bulldog and I don't mean any disrespect when I say this. She fought the fight and she won. She did it! The good news came today, we don't have to pay the IRS a penny. Thank you so much, Kim! No more sleepless nights, no more weird feeling in the guts. It's over! I highly recommend this company. Their fee is fair, lower than other companies and they did a heck-of-a-good job. Can you say "ooooooh, I am soooo relived!!!!!!"? Not yet? Because you are still fighting with the IRS? Hire Anthem Tax Services to do the fighting for you. They are professionals, they fight to win. Thanks again Minji Kim, Attorney for everything you have done for us! Words are not enough to express our gratitude!

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Gary W. Fagner, on September 25, 2019