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Our experience with Optima Tax Relief has not been favorable. Answers to basic questions dealing with our situation with the IRS have been left unanswered for weeks and the guidance we did receive on some very basic tax matters has been questionable at best. In addition, we asked for a conversation with a tax professional regarding our situation with the IRS. After three months of waiting, the requested conversation with a tax professional never occurred and we were then asked to submit a list of questions in writing. While Optima has communicated during the process, minimal progress seems to be made, regardless of the question at hand. My opinion is that the Optima Tax Relief operating model is to merely communicate with clients and really do nothing of significance behind the scenes on tax matters until a client is at a critical state with the IRS. We recently requested cancellation of our services with Optima Tax Relief and the refund of the thousands of dollars that we have paid. Their processing of this dissatisfied clients cancellation requests appears to follow same approach as our experience on tax matters: Communicating, yet doing nothing behind the scenes regarding the cancellation request. We have yet to receive a refund. I am surprised and disappointed that trusted radio personalities in this country like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin endorse Optima Tax Relief, which is the only reason we first reached out to Optima. Given our expertise with Optima Tax Relief, we are also skeptical of their favorable Better Business Bureau rating. Our experience with Optima Tax Relief has been very disappointing.

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Robert Woods, on June 09, 2019