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Making some poor decisions concerning my taxes had brought me to the point where I knew I was going to need help cleaning up the mess I had made over the past several years. Fortunately I had flown under the radar and had decided to be proactive in getting these issues resolved before the IRS and State began their process of collecting. I knew I was going to need help and had reached out to several tax relief companies to research and get consultation about my problems. Most of the companies that I had contacted were only about the money and the negative consequences of what had happened. No other company was able to lay out a good plan on how I could get these issues resolved. In researching I came across Victory Tax Lawyers. Parham with Victory Tax Lawyers explained to me the difference between their firm and other firms that do the same work. He laid out a plan of action and gave me an upfront cost. The cost of their services I was able to pay a fair deposit and was allowed to make payments on the balance over the following 6 months, while they immediately and continuously worked with the IRS and State to get my situation resolved. Victory Tax Lawyers did everything they could and fought hard for me resulting in a 87%, reduction in liability. Literally 13 cents on the dollar. The best part is that Victory Tax Lawyers helped me to set up an installment agreement that allowed me to pay an affordable $25.00, a month to the IRS. Victory Tax Lawyers also was successful in helping me to provide documentation that resulted in the reduction and loss of fines fees and penalties that had accumulated over the years. Victory Tax Lawyers and their team know what they are doing! If I had ever had any doubts or questions about anything they were always there and very prompt in helping me. BEST DECISION I HAD EVER MADE WAS TO GO WITH VICTORY TAX LAWYERS.

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Stosh Trolley, on August 16, 2019