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About 5-days prior to my 90-day money-back guarantee, I was feeling discouraged and thinking that I would not get any results from Credit Saint. I called to initiate the account cancellation and money-back guarantee. My Client Care Specialist was very accommodating to let me know what documents I needed to prepare to process my refund. We made a plan to execute my refund. I had called back the following Monday, per the plan, to process my cancellation and refund. I had the pleasure of communicating with the same Client Care Specialist, who proceeded to pull my credit report to be sure there weren't any positive results of their work in the latest cycle. Low and behold, in the second cycle of disputes, their efforts provided fantastic results. In just two 45-day cycles, I saw several deletions from my account, including an inaccurate account that was causing a significant decrease in a single credit bureau report. I called a disappointed customer to cancel my account and process a refund, and walked away feeling confident I made a good choice to hire Credit Saints. Something very important to note for future customers, if you, like me, have a multi-pronged credit repair plan, be sure to collect and store all documentation of the results of your efforts. Credit Saint did not attempt to claim credit repair that was a result of my outside activities, but I did have to provide proof that a certain deletion was a result of my action, not theirs. The Client Care Specialist I worked with throughout this entire process was Farres. He was highly professional, patient and courteous on the phone. Over the course of two days and about three hours of phone calls, Farres dug into my account, answered all my questions, and helped me strategize taking into consideration what was best for my personal plan. Throughout the entire process, Farres never tried to sell me or try to convince me to do something against my interest. He presented the facts, provided assistance at every chance he could, and turned me into a very happy customer. He didn't ask me to rate his service or write a review. I was so pleased by his professionalism I asked him the best way to write a review of his service. I can confidently say that Credit Saint is the real deal and they are effective at credit repair. In the end, I didn't want to pay 3 months of services and spend several hours on the phone just to process a refund. Ultimately, I wanted an effective service provider at a reasonable price with good customer service. That's what I got, so I'm happy to continue paying for additional results.

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Esteban, on October 19, 2020