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This company is fraud and they do NOT do anything to improve your credit. 1. This company has a template for letters they write to credit bureaus and they do not even customize the letters for each case. They just submit a ready template to bureaus. You can find these template for free online and you can easily send your own letters. They only change your name and submit the letters. 2. The company lies to bureaus. They misrepresented my case. When I spoke for the first time with a member of their team, I mentioned that I have two late payments that were unauthorized withdrawal from my card!!! However, I really had those late payments in my credit history. But, they lied from my behalf to credit bureaus that I never missed any payments and the records are wrong. This is because they do not spend time for each case and they send a ready template to bureaus for all cases!! They never listened to what I told them when we were speaking over the phone in the beginning of the process. However, they charged me $120 for that phone conversation. Over the phone, I especially emphasized that I did dispute myself for those late payments and it was not successful. They told me about a right strategy to contact the bureaus to get good results. But they simply did what everyone can do easily!!! I never asked them to lie on my behalf. 3. They told me that for hard inquiries that have past 1 year, they can easily remove them from my credit report. Despite the fact that they could not remove it from my credit report, they again lied to credit bureaus on my behalf on that one, too. They did mention in their letters that I never authorized those hard inquiries. 3. The company does not have enough knowledge to help people. Once I called their team about a decrease in my credit score, they said that the score will recover as I paid my balance the next day after I purchased something. But, unfortunately, my score did not recover!!! Since I subscribed with their company, my credit score decreased. This is the opposite of their promise in the beginning of the process. 4. For two months subscription, they charged me 4 times (two for phone calls and two for each months), but they only send 2 letters to credit bureaus without any positive outcome. 5. In their website, the mentioned something about 3 months full refund guarantee. But, this is a lie, too. I emailed them and ask them for a refund, but they said that they do not have such policy. 6. I received a letter from TransUnion, and they advised that do NOT give permission to these credit repair companies and they charge you for doing nothing. Transunion mentioned that everyone can easily dispute if something is wrong in their credit report and you do not need to give it to a company that misrepresent you. One interesting thing is that, in none of their letters to bureaus, they did not mention that they are a company on my behalf. They wrote the letters and had my name at the bottom of the letters. DO NOT waste your money and time with this fraud company.

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Mahdi, on April 13, 2023